Integrated Endpoint Security that advances your customers’ endpoint defences to the next level with no hassle. 

Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company that has a deep threat intelligence and security expertise which is constantly transforming into innovative security solutions and services for businesses to protect infrastructure and government and consumers worldwide.

With increasing digital threats in the market this means more business are looking for ways keep themselves secure.  

Kaspersky is a channel driven company, and our partners are the core of our business. With the prevalence of advanced and complex threats that aims increasingly more at mid-market attacks, the endpoint protection market is growing in market size and CAGR over the next few years. 

With this market situation in mind, our products are created to ensure your customers stay secured against current threats without expending too many resources. 

Key Product Benefits

Kaspersky’s MSP program offers flexible licensing & monthly subscriptions with the ability to manage different customers under a single account. Unique stage-by-stage approach to address & suit different scenario or needs. 

MSPs can leverage the Kaspersky Platform for a range of benefits including:

  • Using advanced detection to identify evasive threats
  • Understanding where the threat came from and what happened
  • Having your own independent response capability
  • Helping users make less mistakes by raising awareness effortlessly

Partner Program Benefits

Kaspersky United puts partner profitability at the forefront. We achieve this with a clear and transparent reward scheme, business processes that are smooth and as hassle-free as possible, and unmatched knowledge transfer – including the ability to specialize in Kaspersky solutions. 

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