One cyber-attack is reported every 10 minutes, is just one of the staggering facts facing small and medium businesses. 

Yet we still struggle to connect the urgency of need for a business continuity plan for some Small and Medium Business. Perhaps, we need to shift the perception of business continuity for your customers and break down the barriers to adoption.

Did you know?


Business Continuity is only going to become more sought after as SMBs continue to struggle with remote working conditions, a shortage of skills and the persistent challenges of protecting business information. 

The result: MSPs in this space must work diligently and creatively to make this audience understand why being proactive is far more cost-effective than waiting until something happens.

But how do you do that?

The MSP guide to shifting perceptions of Business Continuity looks at a shift of language, addressing the “it won’t happen to me” culture in a way that hits home by uncomplicating the message.

  • Learn practical ways to convince your customers on why business continuity is CRUCIAL
  • Find out about how rhipe can help you deliver Business Continuity Services & Solutions

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