[eBook] The Essential Eight: A Cyber Security Game Plan for MSPs

Cyber crime is projected to cost up to $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, with reports of up to 140 million new malware samples from May 2021 to April 2022*. Meanwhile, the number of ransomware attacks hit half a billion over the first ten months of 2021 alone, a 148% increase on the previous year 

With the nature of attacks changing, cybercriminals are consistently looking for new and innovative ways to breach security. The very best of modern cyber security practices needs to be proactive rather than reactive, placing a great deal of importance on preventative measures.  

To ensure protection against the ever-evolving cyber landscape, it is vital to build a comprehensive strategy that is built on solid foundations and frameworks.  

The Australia and New Zealand market is guided by the Essential Eight framework developed by the ACSC as a compliance objective for all Federal Government agencies and their supply chain.

An important message for SMBs to keep in mind is that “if it's good enough for Federal Government, it will work for them.” 

The Essential Eight: A Cyber Security Game Plan for SMBs

Proactivity and over-activity are vital in the mitigation of cyberattacks. Prevent attacks before they happen by ensuring a proactive, well-rounded cyber security solution set.

Most SMB customers continue to live in a “it won’t happen to me” culture.

The recent statistics confirm that SMBs can no longer ignore the looming threats of malware or ransomware but instead need real-world, compliance-driven strategies to help stay secure.

Our eBook will help you:

  • Understand the current threat landscape in Australia and why SMBs are at risk.
  • Understand the background and development of the Essential Eight.
  • What are the Essential Eight Security Strategies and how can organisations implement them?

Find out how rhipe security solutions can help you mitigate threats while aligning with the Essential Eight framework.


*AV-Test Institute, 2023
Sonic Wall, Cyber Threat Report, 2022

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