Productivity & Backup Week | OnDemand

Hosted by our team of productivity & backup specialists, these foundational sessions will help guide your investments for FY22, and you will uncover ways to improve your cloud migration, productivity and backup technology stack. View OnDemand to hear the latest insights from some of the world's leading technology solution providers.

What to expect:

  • Discover the range of rhipe’s Productivity & Business Continuity vendors
  • Explore the latest trends to help guide your FY22 investments
  • Hear about our exclusive vendor promotions
  • Find out how to boost your revenue streams and deliver better solutions for your customers

Session overview

Reduce Costs and Manage Risks with M365

How we can leverage M365 products & features to reduce costs and manage risks in today's world.

Specialist Speakers

Prasanka Thewarapperuma - rhipe

rhipe logo.png

Why moving to the cloud is easier than you think!

Migration: A Fastrack to 365

• In depth look at AvePoint’s migration solution
• Migrate both file and mail data fast with AvePoint FLY
• Migrate from multiple sources simultaneous with AvePoint.

Special Offer: 
Purchase AvePoint’s Collaboration Security Bundle and get 50% off for the next 6 months!
Find out how to claim offer.

Specialist Speakers

Elliot Seeto - AvePoint


You can double your customers spend, starting today with Access4

Why Calling Is Your Next Great Revenue Stream, How Access4 Makes Teams Calling Simple, How You Can Maximise Your Call Plans, Did you know Access4 also sell VOIP Lines for any existing solutions?

Special Offer:
Receive $1,000 AUD cashback when you add Teams & Calling
Find out how to claim offer.

Specialist Speakers

Lukas Pfeifle - rhipe | Ben Kelly – Access4


Why Zoom is more than just a meeting platform.

Why Zoom is more than just a meeting platform. How Zoom can deliver engaging and effective webinars, How does integrate with your customers' workflows.

Specialist Speakers

Atit Kamnalrut - rhipe | Tien Tien Sin - Zoom 


First step to a managed solution stack: Backup, Policy & Insights

So you’ve moved to the cloud, now what

  • Overview of AvePoint’s channel-centric solutions providing AvePoint partners with an easy way to build recurring revenue and drive M365 adoption

  • Why cloud backup is important for M365

  • How partners can utilise Policies & Insights to create and offer in-depth security managed service.

Special Offer: 
Purchase AvePoint’s Collaboration Security Bundle and get 50% off for the next 6 months! 
Find out how to claim offer.

Specialist Speakers

Murtatha Salman - rhipe | Dani Ferguson - AvePoint


First step to a managed solution stack: Backup & Cloud Management

In this action-packed session, you will hear from SkyKick’s co-CEOs around the industry and strategic context that formed the vision for the recently launched Cloud Manager solution; you will then be taken through an economic model of getting started with a differentiated and basic O365 managed service solution; followed by a deeper dive in to how Cloud Manager can transform the economics of your cloud operations with automation re-imagined whilst accelerating your managed solutions.

Special Offer: 
Claim 3-months FREE of a SkyKick Platform Plan including Cloud Manager! 
Find out how to claim offer.

Specialist Speakers

Ian Medcalf - Skykick 


First step to a managed solution stack: Backup Azure and M365

Level up your backup, replication, disaster recovery, migration and cloud services with a Modern Data Protection platform that’s built with service providers in mind.

In this session, learn how you can take control of your Data Protection strategy, guiding your customers towards a Simple, Flexible and Reliable backup solution for Azure and Microsoft 365.

Specialist Speakers

David Hills - Veeam 

Veeam_2017_logo (1).png

Do business faster and better with DocuSign

Why it's easy to get business done with DocuSign! DocuSign does more than just e-signatures, it’s an agreement platform, DocuSign integrates with the platforms your customer use, How DocuSign is a productive time giver and money saver.

Specialist Speakers

Ross MacMahon - rhipe | Kerry Pappas & Will Stevens - DocuSign

Asset 19docusign.png

Technical session: The basics of Security & Compliance within the M365 Stack

Run through the most important dashboards contained within the tenancy. Look at the security and compliance dashboards as well as audit log.

Specialist Speakers

Alaa Rahal - rhipe

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#RethinkCollaboration: Reimagine a more productive, less stressful workplace

In this session we will cover: The Zimbra Collaboration Solution, Helping customers move to the Cloud, Showcasing the virtual interaction and collaboration with Zimbra, Zimbra Partner Program, Host the top email collaboration tool for the hybrid workplace

Specialist Speakers

Piyush Mathur & Eugene Soosay | Zimbra

 Zimbra-logo-color (1).png

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