Are your customers using a best practice security strategy?

Ransomware is an increasing threat, and organisations of all sizes are increasing their defenses to protect their valuable data from a breach.

To best empower you to advise your end customer, rhipe is committed to providing you with the best set of cybersecurity tools, solutions and advice.  


SmartEncrypt by rhipe is a data protection solution designed for MSPs looking to add revenue with minimal investment. Collaboratively working with your network security and business continuity solutions, SmartEncrypt provides certainty that your company data is protected in the event of data breach, file access or data theft. 

Interested to learn how SmartEncrypt can fit within your product offerings?

Book a 1:1 with a rhipe security team member and learn more about SmartEncrypt’s 30 Days Revenue Ramp Up Program.

In this session you will learn about:
  • How you can use SmartEncrypt’s Free 30-Day Revenue Ramp Up program to maximise your SmartEncrypt earnings  
  • How SmartEncrypt can be layered with a Microsoft 365 license and how to position it in a Microsoft environment  
  • How you can bundle SmartEncrypt with your antivirus and anti-malware offerings 
SmartEncrypt 30 Day program gives you:  
  • Full Access to SmartEncrypt Console  
  • Free 30 Days for every End User – Earn 100% of your first month’s revenue 
  • Access to a  rhipe Security Specialist who can help you Onboard End Users, Bundle SmartEncrypt with your current offerings, assist with a demo and answer any questions. 
  • Free Ongoing Sales and Technical Training  
  • Upcoming Security focussed special offers, promos and special events 
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    •  This promotion applies to rhipe partners who have signed up to the rhipe SmartEncrypt Partner Program to resell SmartEncrypt offerings in ANZ & APAC 
    • The offer is valid between Aug 23 2021 – Oct 31 2021  
    • The promotion applies to SmartEncrypt Business Basic & Business Pro plans only.  
    • Any usage from 30 days after end user is onboarded will be charged to Partner.  
    • Charges and Biling will continue to be charged one (1) month in arrears. 
    • The promotion will be managed by rhipe via the orders provisioned through PRISM.  
    • This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.  
    • The promotion is subject to availability. rhipe reserves the right to change, vary, update or modify the terms or pricing of the promotion at any time.   
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