rhipe Azure Tech Knight – Webinar Series

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Session 1: Azure SMB Sales Fundamentals
Duration: 120 minutes
This workshop is Level 100.
  • Why Cloud Services, types of cloud models & cloud services
  • Core Azure Architectural Components, Services & Products
  • Azure Solutions, Azure Management Tools
  • Securing Network Connectivity
  • Core Azure Identity Services
  • Monitoring and reporting in Azure
  • Privacy, Compliance, and Data Protection Standards
  • Azure Subscriptions & Service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
Date: 29 April, 2020

Session 2: Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure: Step-by-step and in-depth demonstrations
Duration: 120 minutes
This session is intended for people who is going to be hands-on in executing the technical steps to implementing the solution with WVD. 

This workshop is Level 200 to 300. We will be covering the following topics: 
  • Technical Architecture Overview
  • Partner Benefits
  • How to set-up a WVD Environment on Azure for Full Desktop and Remote Apps (Step by step guide - Demo)
  • WVD Deployment (Step by step guide - Demo)
  • WVD Optimization (Step by step guide - Demo)
  • Cost Estimation and Sizing with a typical Use Cases (Demo)

Date: 21 May, 2020

Session 3: Application Modernization with Azure L300: Highly Technical
Duration: 180 minutes
This session is intended for candidates with technical background.
This workshop is Level 300.
  • Defining digital transformation and cloud journey
  • Different strategies to move to the cloud
  • Migration vs. Modernization
  • Values of PaaS and Serverless
  • Azure resources to modernize and adapt your application 
Date: 18 June, 2020
Build an Azure Practice - 5 weeks Program

For partners who are keen to learn more and find out how you can Build an Azure Practice for your business, we also have a 5-week Azure Program that will give you an understanding of the essential tools that you can apply to the majority of small to medium businesses you support.

Once you have registered for this program, you will receive emails containing on-demand content and resources on a weekly basis.  The topics we will be covering includes: 
  1. Azure Backup
  2. Azure Site Recovery
  3. Azure File Sync
  4. Azure Migrate
  5. Access Partner On to market your solution and access digital marketing resources
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Achieve More with Microsoft & rhipe

rhipe currently offers our partners a wealth of resources from presales support, go-to-market services, funding, enablement programs, and much more. We have compiled a list of additional resources that you can use to Market Microsoft Solutions to your end customers.
  • Additional Resources
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      • Azure Fundamentals On-Demand Videos
      • rhipe Partner Incentives Available