Join us for a webinar series to discover how you can leverage the rhipe Professional Services Team to skill or scale up when you need it.

rhipe’s white-labelled Professional Services have been working with our partner base in two key areas, so you don’t have to say NO to any opportunity that comes your way.

  • SCALE UP - When your team is currently juggling so many projects and you don’t have the bandwidth.  rhipe Professional Services can fill capacity gaps so you can say yes to new business coming in!
  • SKILL UP - When a project requires a specific skill set that you currently don’t have in house, rhipe Professional Services can bring in the resources to skill up your team and help execute the project keeping your customers happy!

rhipe Professional Services can help plan, assess, design, migrate, customize, and optimize cloud solution projects to ensure our partners don’t miss out on revenue and/or can build new skill sets and new revenue streams.


To give you some insights on how our Professional Services Team can work with you, we have developed a series of webinars. Each month we will take you through a deep dive of our services starting with a general overview.

All Sessions will be held at 2:30 AEDT.

Available On-demand please register to access

Webinar 1

Professional Services General Overview

April 20

Webinar 2

Support as a Service

May 25

Webinar 3

M365 & Azure Services

June 22

Webinar 4

Business Central Services

July 20

Webinar 5

Managed Services


Our services cover


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