Cloud Playbook for MSPs

Rethinking Business Models & Building a Hybrid Cloud Practice

The only constant is change, and MSPs are no exception. There’s a constant learning curve between the way things have always been done, and what’s needed to compete and win in a cloud powered world.

Walking that line is not easy. The buying market no longer places the value it once did on infrastructure. Now, it’s less about the plumbing and more about what flows through it – applications and data.

For many MSPs, this is leading to a rethink of where they’ll find their growth and profit opportunities over the next few years. Planning a trip over new horizons is better with good company, and what better company than ours?

We’re getting you prepped with the essential Cloud Horizons travel kitstarting with our latest eBook. In it you’ll find a robust review of the past, present and future in cloud technology, a perspective on value generation as the new partner game, and recommendations on the best pathways to get you to the promised, cloud profit land.

"77% of SMBs in the region agree cloud-based operations are essential. 80% have implemented cloud solutions, and plan to adopt more. This eBook covers the changing role of MSPs and why your opportunities for growth rely on meeting the current and future cloud needs of customers."

Warren Nolan,
SVP Channel & Strategy
rhipe, a Crayon company

Chapter Preview:

MSPs and The Speed of Change
 Past, Present and Future
 Value Generation is the New Partner Game
 Identifying Your Cloud Horizon
     … and much more.

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