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The many things that covid has changed in our lives it has also permanently changed how we conduct business - working from home, BYOD culture, less control over an organisation’s network and perimeter security- this has opened the door to threats and cybercrime has increased significantly. This also means that MSPs and IT Partners security expertise is critical to a end customer’s cybersecurity strategy.

October is Cybersecurity week and at rhipe we invite you to join the conversation around Security with an exciting group of national and international speakers and rhipe’s own channel leaders. The sessions will inform and educate you on the latest security threats and how to deal with them and most importantly you will learn how build, grow, and expand your tech stack with the most innovative solutions in the market!
Why view these recorded sessions?
  • Discover the range of rhipe’s security vendors
  • Explore the latest security threats and trends
  • Building a comprehensive security stack
  • Find out how to secure your business and reduce your risk of cyberattacks

Program Overview

Day 1, 11th October:

rhipe Panel: The importance of cybersecurity and the impact on business maturity

Fortinet: Broad, Integrated Automated Security

Day 2, 12th October:

ESET: The compromise between AV Defence and EDR

Kaspersky: MSP growth and opportunity in regional markets in Asia

Airlock: Why allowlisting is the most important end point protection for MSPs

Day 3, 13th October:

Acronis: Harness the power of one – protection plan

SMX: 90% of successful cyber-attacks begin with an email. Are your clients truly protected? 

bluedog: Securing remote workers: Managing productivity and security with remote Microsoft 365  

Day 4, 14th October:

Trend Micro:  Managing detection and response at scale with Trend Micro MSP

usecure: Introducing usecure, the new class of user-focused security for MSPs 

SmartEncrypt: The impact of a cyber breach on MSPs

Session overviews

DAY 1: 11th October 

rhipe Panel: The Importance of Cybersecurity and the Impact on Business Maturity

 11.30am AEDT l 8.30am SGT

Join a panel discussion with rhipe solution segment directors as they discuss how cybersecurity features as an underlying thread across all verticals and platforms and is considered a critical area for growth and expansion in 2021. The session explores whether partners are using Productivity Tools, Migrating to the Cloud, or using Backup there are security considerations at play. Bringing over 30 years of experience in the channel, the rhipe discusses real world challenges facing MSPs around security and tips, tricks and strategies for managing them.

Specialist Speakers

Scott Hagenus - Security Solution Segment Director
Adam Smith
- Productivity Solution Segment Director
Murtatha Salman
- Back Up and Business Continuity Segment Director

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Fortinet: Broad, Integrated, Automated Security 

 2pm SGT

 (Asia only session)

Customers trust you to provide the optimal solutions & services to protect their business. Helping them choose the right tools that will power their digital transformation initiatives.  But the use of disconnected security tools can result in security holes, data inconsistencies, and reactive responses that strain both your team and your Customers’, but also introduce risk and negatively impact your bottom line.  

This session is specially designed for our partners in Asia.

Specialist Speakers

Andrew Moey -Business Development, Fabric & SD-WAN, SEAHK
Edwyn Goh - Regional Channel Systems Engineer


DAY 2: 12th October 

ESET: The Compromise between AV defense and EDR 

11am AEDT 

(Australia only session)

Traditionally, antivirus has been sufficient to protect your organisation’s endpoints. EDR is the next level of protection – so what is the difference between antivirus vs. EDR? Do MSPs need both? Webinar will be based around Endpoint and EDR, why you need both and how they provide an important layer. Learn how the threats are changing (mainly with Ransomware attacks) with details which will lay the ground for the discussion on why both strategies are needed in a modern security architecture How do you determine which level of security combined with time and resource allocation is the best strategy for your business? Find the right balance between implementing traditional AV with the increased security benefits of an endpoint detection and response system.

This session is specially designed for our partners in Australia.

Specialist Speakers

Tony Anscombe


Kaspersky: MSP Growth and Opportunity in Regional Markets in Asia 

2pm SGT

 (Asia only session)

Join us to explore how our integrated platform, flexible solutions, training and support can minimise gaps and increase manageability, that help stay ahead of today’s evolving threat landscape.

This session is specially designed for our partners in Asia.

Specialist Speakers

Mikhail Kolchin, Head of MSP Business, Kaspersky


Airlock: Why allowlisting is the most important end point protection for MSPs

1pm AEDT l 10am SGT

Application Control or Allowlisting is the number one listed security mitigation strategy in the ACSC essential eight framework and a requirement for all national government agencies and their supply chain in Australia. Despite the requirements, many organisations are unaware of the benefits and approaches to implementing allowlisting as a solution. Airlock Digital offers practical, scalable allowlisting designed to elevate every customer's security posture beyond endpoint protection.

Specialist Speakers

Ricky Calder - Security Solutions Architect (emt distribution)
Glenn Mahney - Director of Sales, Airlock Digital 

Airlock Logo Artwork (2).png

DAY 3: 13th October 

 Acronis: Harness the power of one – protection plan 

2pm AEDT l 11am SGT

Discover how the threat landscape is shaping up for 2021. We’ll identify the threat trends already in play, what advances are expected, and how forward-thinking cyber protection leaders are efficiently integrating people, processes and technologies to cost-effectively manage those cybersecurity risks. (20mins)

Demo – How Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud addresses these threats

Specialist Speakers

Topher Tebow - Senior Cyber Security Analyst, Acronis

David McIntosh – Sr. Solution Engineer , Solution Engineering APAC, Acronis


SMX: 90% of successful cyber-attacks begin with an email. Are your clients truly protected? 

11.30am AEDT l 8.30am SGT

Email has been around for almost 40 years, and its use as a business tool has become ubiquitous alongside Microsoft. The success of Microsoft's cloud platform, Microsoft365, has made it the number one target for business email compromise, ransomware, phishing, and spam attacks.    

Specialist Speakers

Thom Hooker – SMX Co-Founder and Email Security Evangelist  

SMX Logo Transparent.png

bluedog: Securing Remote Workers: An MSP guide to managing productivity and security for managing clients with remote Microsoft 365 users

3.30pm AEDT l 12.30pm SGT

With more organisations managing remote workers and external networks, organisations are rethinking security beyond endpoint protection. As most businesses use Microsoft 365 it makes sense to use a managed monitoring service for Office 365 to protect your business from ransomware attacks and help prevent them even starting in the first place. You need to also protect your Microsoft 365 tenancy – it’s where most ransomware attacks start. Learn how bluedog’s 24/7 human eye monitoring and regular VAPT can protect your customers from cyber criminals

Specialist Speakers

Paul Lomax - bluedog Founder 


DAY 4: 14th October 

TrendMicro: Managing detection and response at scale with TrendMicro MSP

11.30am AEDT l 8.30am SGT

See more & respond faster with Trend Micro’s Endpoint Detection and Managed Response, designed to combat the challenges facing today’s MSPs. Learn more about the broader perspective for managed detection as a service and the context needed to hunt, detect, and contain threats. MSPs now have the ability to respond faster with an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events with the power to investigate respond from a single place.

Specialist Speakers

Joel Hartley - Sales Engineer


usecure: Introducing usecure, the new class of user-focused security for MSPs

2pm AEDT l 11am SGT

If a cyber criminal set sight on your clients today, how long would it take the attacker to breach their business by socially engineering an end-user? With human error being the root cause of over 90% of data breaches, user-focused security has become a crucial layer of protection for your clients. Join our webinar to learn how usecure, the automated Human Risk Management (HRM) platform for MSPs, enables service providers to:

  • Reduce human-related security incidents through admin-lite automation
  • Enhance MSP service value with four user-focused security products in one
  • Differentiate their service through a unique offering
  • Win new clients with the free Human Risk Report (HRR) prospecting tool

Specialist Speakers

Bruno Pinto - Security Specialist, usecure

usecure Logo - Primary Blue - Transparent Background.png

SmartEncrypt: The Impact of a Cyber Breach on MSPs

3.30pm AEDT l 11.30pm SGT

The pandemic has driven many organisations to partner with an MSP. This growing prominence of MSPs today make them a growing target for hackers as well as the clients they manage.  All of this begs a question, how does a cyberattack affect an MSP and its clients? With the current threat climate and with the recent prominent attacks on the supply chain, MSPs are both in a time of crisis and opportunity. Learn more about how MSPs can minimise a breach on their own networks while elevating their offerings to embrace the new security focussed end user who demands more than traditional services.

Specialist Speakers

Regan McKay - Founder, SmartEncrypt



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