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Navigating Microsoft's Auto-Migration: Transitioning from Legacy CSP to NCE and Back to Basics
05 December • 11:00 AM (AEDT)

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Microsoft is entering a new phase towards retiring the CSP legacy platform starting January 2024. Join us in our final webinar of 2024 this December to understand the ins and outs of Microsoft's Auto-Migration, specifically the shift from legacy CSP subscriptions to NCE.

  • Understanding Microsoft CSP and New Commerce Experience
  • rhipe PRISM portal NCE migration tool
  • Microsoft-led Auto-migration from legacy CSP to NCE timeline
  • Utilizing PRISM Portal Customer Subscription Reports for NCE Migration and Renewal Planning
  • PRISM Basics: Connecting Tenant, GDAP Requests, Aligning Subscription End Dates
  • Microsoft Inspire Updates from James Buzzard from Microsoft 
  • Q&A Session

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